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1. This website is, at least in part and at the moment, an addition to my main website, possibly also to others of my websites.

It currently serves primarily in order to provide extra space for annotations to text on those other websites, allowing me to interject some information before the reader calls up the links I provide as reference or for further information.

2. However, I have not annotated all of the eternal links on my websites, just in certain cases. So please do not conclude from the fact that there is no annotation, that I would fully agree with the contents of the website linked.

Rather, please understand what I have explained in German here, i.e. that the decision to read a certain website or text and all consequences are fully within the area of your own responsibility.To allow you a better informed decision, some of the pages on this site can serve. Please do not follow or believe any information blindly, whether it is given by me or others, do not believe just because of a name, but try to perceive the degree of truth, and, even before that, whether you should read a text or follow a link at all.

3. There is no Sitemap, so you will be able to access the pages on this websites mainly from other websites, as far as there are links (or, of course, if you find them in a search enginge).

Take care!