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I have linked a website below which I appreciated in the past. It seemed to have valuable information. I do not want to delete the link completely, but I would like to advise some caution in advance and say:

I have not directly linked the page to which I am referring here, because I could no longer be sure to which extent all information on it is correct, partly due to one or two (the latter quite worth reading, without knowing whether the content is correct) political statements of the website's author. Doubts came to me already when evaluating Brexit (here, I could at least somehow understand this as an interpretation, although I suspect the decision of the British was based on insufficient information and lies), but one statement in the articles from 2021 / 2021 made me reconsider altogether.

It gets even more pronounced when reading this and this. (A bit more like the Sandy whose texts I read all these years sounds this. Still...) Has not even the style changed (and not sure about the energy?)? Very strange (from my point of view) so I cannot really support any newer articles on that site, and I wonder now, what to say about the old ones.

Also see here, which seems to give the option that some things that, generally speaking, are believed by certain circles might not all be true, but still seems to continue with accepting as true what I would not necessarily believe to be so concerning the elections. But I do not know.

Perhaps even worse in my eyes the "what if" concerning the Ukraine here, although many of the other ponts there are very interesting to consider and may help to remain careful in what one believes, undersatnding there may be various perspecitves.

She is not the only one in the spiritual realm with a view apparently quite different fropm my own. So it does not seem to be a singular phenomenon.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that I am mistaken, but it is simply beyond me how someone who has observed T.'s behavior, for example, saw him in the debate with Hillary Clinton, can come to a different conclusion than I. And to me, it is quite obvious who is the criminal if we look at what happens in Eastern Europe in 2022.

So can I still trust a side that seems to subscribe to this view?

Maybe not.

Will you still trust me after the above? Maybe yes, maybe not.

But I still think earlier articles on the website to which I am giving the link below might be helpful. I cannot be sure any longer, though. Who knows what might have been hidden there? Although I have not noticed anything strange before the Brexit-article, but, worse, the articles of 2020 / 2921. Even the articles linked above can at least show how different perspectives can be. But you have to be able to use discernment. Only follow the link if you are able to and wiling to use adequate discernment, please.

Here is the link: The homepage is, the article section is